Access Control Software and Hardware

I have worked with Access Control products for many years and have set them up and configured them. Among them were many products from Germany, Italy and France. Products like the German Bosch called BIS, which I admire. Or CDVI products called Starwatch. Or IDTECK products and …
A complete product for a place the size of a refinery or power plant or factory involves many details and complexities. These details must be seen within the software as well as the central controller and even each piece of connectable equipment. Speed ​​of operation, system stability, security and non-hacking hardware and software, and user friendliness are just a few of the important things that should be considered in designing such a system.

I completely designed and built the previous version of this software with Delphi 10. Both the server version and the client version. But in the new version, I used Java for the server and Delphi for the client. In the next version, I will definitely re-create the appearance of the software with Java-FX so that it can be installed well on different platforms. The current version works successfully in several refineries, factories and workshops and is very stable , visual and user-friendly.


The Controller (hardware):

Access control board



Author: Masoud Ebrahimi

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