Face Recognition (Software & Hardware)

  • Intelligent face recognition system and automatic measurement of human body temperature.
  • Comprehensive “StarAccess” access control software and time attendance to identify employe punch in/out software.
  • Intelligent and automatic detection of face and body temperature in a short and fast time.
  • Ability to identify multiple faces simultaneously.
  • Very high accuracy in checking body temperature with an error below 0.2 (one tenth) degrees Celsius from a distance of 40 to one hundred centimeters.
  • Ability to announce an automatic audible alarm for various events such as face recognition, lack of access, unfavorable body temperature and…
  • Customizeable to adapt and communicate with other staff organizational software or other monitoring and visual software.
  • Ability to connect more than two hundred face and temperature recognition systems seamlessly and network with a Star Access server and connect servers together.
  • Face recognition of over 65,000 users.
  • Capture anonymous and identified faces separately and archive them.
  • General reports on user status, network face recognition systems, memory status, data center and processor, and…
  • Accurate and statistical reports of people traffic, traffic congestion, live and instant reports and…
  • Status of alarms and events in the form of open maps on wide screen TVs for review and quick and clear warning to officials and security forces.
  • Ability to add advanced network fingerprints, card readers, smart keyboards (non-fixed numbers for question and answer processing, etc.) and simple, electric locks for proximity sensors and status change detection, emergency stop keys and output input / output expansion systems To the system and full integration.

  • Star Access software is a very powerful and high quality software that has a high level of communication security and encryption with controllers.
    With the help of its very powerful controller, this software is able to support a variety of input sensors such as face recognition, temperature detection, AFIT fingerprint (non-copy and FBI approved), card readers, smart keyboards ( Variable key arrangement  and… as well as hardware that can be checked and controlled input-output such as headlights, sirens, lifts, elevator doors and security, electric security locks and… are fully networked or industrial protocols such as RS485, CAN and Ethernet.













60 Hz processing
10 ° C – 50 ° C Suffering from body temperature detection
± 0.2 ° C Measurement accuracy
Both in the form of lights and audio alarm operations
0 ° C – 70 ° C Operating temperature
2 year warranty
1/2000 per second matching speed
65000 (full license) Maximum number of users
1.8GH Quad core / 4G / 5 ″ LCD hardware
Ethernet / Wi-Fi (opt) / RS232 & 485 / USB interfaces

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