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I’ve developed a lot of software for different places over the last twenty years. From companies, small shops and workshops to organizations, banks and large holdings. Most of them always had the problem of updating the software and how to do it. How to update some clients so that they do not have problems after update. All the customers’ systems haven’t the same hardware and OS.
Some consumers of the products I developed have more than 5,000 users across the country or world, and naturally every customer has hardware with different specifications. Internet speeds were not good for some places or even needed to be done offline.
The next important issue was the security of the update packages, which should not be compromised. The next issue was how to manage the update packages on the admin side. Some consumers of the products I had developed for them had bought several software from me and some other software and products from others and wanted all this in manage a comprehensive system for updating all software and packages.
Sometimes there was a problem in the users’ system, and it was necessary to enter commands on those systems during the update. For example, it was necessary to install a font, register a registry key, activate or deactivate a service, or install or run a CMD command at the customer system. Or update the database or update just some databases’ function, procedure or etc.
It would cost a lot if they wanted to hire people to support clients.
So I came up with the idea of ​​creating a complete and comprehensive update system for myself and eventually for my customers. The result of months of work on this system was a set of software that allows you to update any software.

Whatever software product you sell, develop or support, this software will be a very efficient and powerful tool.
I provide this software to you in two ways. One as an application and the other as a full source. You can get the full source and make any changes you need.
You can also order your own custom version from me. A version that includes any additional features you need, and I’ll develop a new version to you.
You can see some screenshot of the environment of this software below:

software updater

The client software ( It will be installed with the installed files )


Update package list in client side

The client can update each package separately.

You can provide one package or list of packages to the customer for updates depending on their type

Auto Updater

Client update in progress

Software Updater
Admin side – You can add much software to make package for them separately
Professional software updater
Professional software updater – Admin side


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