Software Validator

If you are also a high quality software company and you want to perform validation operations while installing the software or after running the software, this is a very useful tool for you.
A tool that allows you to validate a customer based on unique hardware information or operating system specifications, or both. This tool includes two software programs. An application run by a user or client and another application that is only available to you as an administrator.
This tool is sold with a complete source, and you can make the changes you need from both sides in terms of appearance or features or encryption methods and develop your own unique authentication software with them.
You can also request any other features you want to customize for me.
Also, along with the source of this software, the source code of the installation script (Setup factory) is also available to you to learn how you can use it while installing your software.

Some screenshots of this tool can be seen below:


Validator software

Client Side ( Buy with full source )


Validator Admin


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