Masoud Ebrahimi

Welcome to Masoud Ebrahimi personal website

Welcome to my personal website.

My name is Masoud Ebrahimi. I’m a developer.

Python, Java and Delphi Developer

  • Python (NumPy, Django, pyQt5, WebAPI development, TCP Network) – [PyCharm & Thonny]

  • Java Developer Spring , Spring Boot , RESTful , Groovy (5+ years’ exp) – [Intellij IDEA , Netbeans]

  • Delphi and Database Full stack (More than 25 years’ exp) XE 10.3 Rio. FireMonkey and have experience in iOS, Android, OS X and Windows development. REST, SOAP, DataSnap, XML and JSON – [DevExpress, Berg , LockBox , OpenCV , FastReport , RTC , SynEdit , TMS , UniDac , Raize]



Some of my projects…

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